A doula is a wonderful addition to your birth team. A doula provides evidence-based education during pregnancy so you can have realistic expectations of your experience, feel confident in your body’s natural ability to give birth, and understand your choices in childbirth and health care at large. Doulas are not here to tell you how to give birth, but to provide the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual support to guide you along in this transformative time.

As your doula, I hold space for you and your team to be utterly present in the moment. This allows you to make informed choices throughout your journey and cope with the pain, anxiety, discomfort, and any other emotions that arise. Sometimes, expectations can get in the way, and birth is very much about letting go. By reframing your relationship to your expectations - of your body, your partner/family, your birth plan, and even your baby - you can be with the discomfort without it overwhelming you. In birth, this allows your body to do what it needs to do, resulting in a safer, easier, and more satisfying pregnancy, birth, and parenting journey. As your doula, I combine my knowledge of herbalism, nutrition, functional medicine, and mindfulness to support you fully during this transformative time.

My service package is for birth support, but those in need of support during other reproductive experiences should please contact me as well.


Prenatal Home Visits

The first visit (32-36 weeks) is your birth preferences visit, where we cover what is most important to you in your birth, including logistics, roles in the process, and mindfulness-based coping techniques, and give you a very realistic expectation for the experience through childbirth education.

The second visit (36-38 weeks) is to help prepare you for the postpartum time. Together, we figure out what kind of support you may need at home during this time so that you can be set up and prepared to heal, learn about your baby, and adjust to your new life together. We also go over newborn sleeping patterns, newborn hunger cues, and breastfeeding.

I am available via phone/email throughout your pregnancy to support you in whatever comes up. Further in person visits can be booked separately.

Health + Wellness Support

Our culture can make it very overwhelming to know what is right and wrong in health - and it can come with a lot of anxiety and shaming of pregnant people. During our preparation visits together, we will also go over healthy practices for pregnancy, including nutrition, exercise, supplementation as necessary, and lifestyle changes. Especially in pregnancy, small changes in your daily practices can greatly impact your comfort level and options in health care. Wellness doesn’t have to be difficult; sometimes it simply requires a little coaching.

Through our mindfulness-based education and preparation, you will learn how to be with the contractions of labor and of life beyond. You will gain an understanding of yourself and of your relationships to your body, your partner/family, your pain, and the parenting of your baby.


Unlimited phone/email contact in pregnancy, labor, and postpartum.

On Call (24/7) from 38 weeks and until you give birth. I will be within 2 hours from you by 36 weeks in case you go into labor early.

Birth Support

Emotional, physical, and spiritual support during your labor and birth and immediate postpartum. When tension arises and you can no longer cope on your own, that is when I arrive and will stay until your new family is settled in.

Postpartum Home Visits

I offer up to two postpartum home visits for providing basic support, including meal preparation, cleaning, and newborn care. I cannot stress how important this kind of help is, even if you usually like to do things on your own. I also offer basic breastfeeding support, recognizing normal patterns and catching any challenges that may come up and providing referrals as necessary. I understand how challenging this time can be as you adjust, so our first visit together is usually within 2-7 days postpartum, and then again within two weeks if needed. I offer unlimited support during this time, so please reach out if you need any help at all. If you need more support during this fourth trimester, further postpartum visits can be booked separately and I will provide any necessary referrals.

Investment: $1000