We all have expectations going into any experience, but sometimes those expectations can get in the way and disappoint us when they aren’t met. This causes us to miss out on being in the present moment and experiencing more than we could have even imagined, and it leaves us dissatisfied, hurt, and uncomfortable when we needn’t be.

Birth is very much about letting go. By reframing your relationship to your expectations - of your body, your partner/family, your birth plan, and even your baby - you can be with the discomfort without it overwhelming you. In birth, this allows your body to do what it needs to do, resulting in a safer, easier, and more satisfying pregnancy, birth, and parenting journey. And in life, this gives you the tools to approach any situation where tension arises with a neutral, non-judging mindset so you can handle whatever comes up.

In this classes, we will go over:

  • the typical birth process from pregnancy to postpartum, addressing what is important to you and applicable to your experience. This will give you a realistic expectation of the process.

  • your choices in childbirth + self-advocacy skills

  • how to create a supportive birth team

  • mindful, evidence-based pain coping techniques

  • basic breastfeeding support

  • newborn cues

  • how to create a supportive postpartum team

  • health coaching to support your body further during this transformative time

Time: 4 hours

Investment: $250 (no extra cost to bring your partner - please limit to 1 guest)